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Downloads to Help Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

Malwareytes Free DownloadMalwarebytes is a good anti-virus program that performs fast and effective scans. It comes in a free and a paid version. I recommend the paid version but you can keep a copy of the free version on your desktop, update it and run it manually if you think you have viruses on your PC. Only the paid version updates and scans your computer automatically.

AVG is a good antivirus program.AVG Free DownloadIts easy to use and it doesn't slow your computer down when it's scanning. AVG automaticaly updates itself, and you can schedule it to run whenever it's convenient. AVG runs in the background offering users real-time protection against all types of malware. This download is for the free version. There is also a paid version for people who want a little more protection.

Microsoft Security Essentials Free DownloadMicrosoft Security Essentials - This is a free antivirus program that's provided by Microsoft. This download is for people who are still using Windows 7. People using Windows 8 or 10 will use Windows Defender which comes already installed so you won't need to get a download.

Dell LinkDell Drivers - Dell has a downloads page that provides all drivers for Dell computers. This is very useful if one of your drivers get dropped or corrupted. It's also useful if you have to reinstall your operating system. You can type in the service tag from the bottom of your computer or you can type in the model number and the appropriate drivers will come up in a search result for you to download.

HP LinkHP Drivers - HP also have a downloads page that supplies all of the HP drivers you might need to install on your HP computer

Java Free DownloadJava - Your computer won't run very well without Java. This software is free and comes in a 64-bit and 32 bit version.

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