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Call Computer Fixx for expert iPad repair!

Computer Fixx repairs all models of iPad
We can diagnose and repair any problem you may be having with your iPad. We do all iPad repairs in our shop and offer same day service.iPad We can repair or replace any malfunctioning part on your iPad, and we can also fix any software issues you're having with your iPad.
The parts we use are the original parts that came in your iPad from the factory. All work is done in shop and turn around time is fast. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
Repairs We Provide For iPad's Include:
iPad Cracked Digitizer Replacement - This is the most common iPad repair we do. This is the glass on top of the iPad and it frequently gets broken without breaking the LCD screen which is located under the digitizer.
iPad Home Button Replacement - You need this iPad repair if your home button does not respond when you press it. This means the home button flex cable needs to be replaced.
iPad Power Button Replacement - The iPad power button needs to be replaced if it won't turn off or power down using the button.
Volume Button Replacement - The iPad volume button needs to be replaced if the volume won't go up or down.
iPad Headphone Jack Replacement - This iPad repair is needed if the headphone jack no longer works or if it only works when you move the wire around.
iPad Speaker Replacement - This iPad repair is done if the speaker on your iPad either no longer works or produces crackly, intermittent sound.
iPad Dock Connector Replacement - If you can't charge the iPad and it isn't recognized by iTunes when you plug it into your computer, the dock connector needs to be replaced.
iPad Battery Replacement - The iPad battery needs to be replaced if the iPad will no longer charge.
iPad Rotate Lock Button Repair - If you are unable to roate your iPad screen and the rotate lock button is in the correct position, then you need you have this iPad repair done.
iPad Front Camera Replacement - If the front camera on your iPad no longer works, or if it's producing fuzzy pictures, then you need to have the camera replaced.
iPad Rear Camera Replacement - If your iPad rear camera is no longer working, then it needs to be replaced.
iPad Water Damage Repair - You need the iPad repair for water damage if your iPad has been immersed in water or exposed to high humidity levels.
Every part on an iPad can be repaired or replaced. Call Computer Fixx today for iPad repair in Wilmington NC. We provide same day or next day iPad repair that's done in shop.